Château Peyraud, Cótes de Blaye, 2005

From the cellar: Another dud from our myriad “best Bordeaux release of the century” purchases.  It was, quite plainly, flat, forgettable and flimsy.  Big without a dot of grand.


It was the only red in the house the other night when we BBQd burgers and vegetable skewers, no special occasion, so it didn’t have to rise up, but it was astonishing how little it offered up period.  On the plus side not much to say: Very smooth, not a hint of acid and nominal tannins, very leathery (to the point you might think you’re licking a saddle), faint notes of cherry and cassis and some spice but nothing of any depth, certainly not complex, and falls short where you expect it (and hope it) will shine.


Despite the wine press “advocating” the benefits of buying magnums for whatever reason I’ve yet to prove they age longer or are worth the extra space they take in the cellar.


Price: I have lost my list of what I paid for all those 05 bottles but trust me it wasn’t cheap. 


Market Liquidity: Sort of like who won an Oscar for best sound editing 20 years ago.  If you know what I mean.

2 Comments to “Château Peyraud, Cótes de Blaye, 2005”

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