Figeat Pouilly-Fume, Les Chaumiennes, 2010

Imagine picking up a decent French white for around $20?  Even though Ontario has high taxes, they’re still lower on liquor than BC.  And it astonished me how much choice there was in the good old LCBO during a recent stay in YYZ.

The Figeat has a well developed deep and appetizing flavour, a herby note (tarragon?), straw tones, long finish, citrus crisp and bone dry.  A pleasing taste although a tad bit of harsh metallic taste lingers on the tongue, it was, still, immensely enjoyable.  No 92 pointer but nothing to rue either.

Price: $21.95 at the LCBO in Ontario

Market Liquidity: Like a bargain bottle at Nicolas in Paris.

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