Majella Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

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A gorgeous gobsmakcing great wallop of fruit on first sip, a vineyard in every whiff as you swirl it in your glass, a little of the oak you expect, a floral whiff (the roses that line the row ends in vineyards?), a nice note of vanilla.  This is a big and brash red with no holds barred.  A purebred varietal though?  I would blind taste with a few friends and ask around the table.  Straight up I would have guessed this as a Cab Sauv – Shiraz blend.  It certainly didn’t have that earthy, leather, hardcore spice of a more “traditional” CS, no one’s going to mistake this high hitter of pretense or a restraint to mimic French airs.  And, our perpetual peeve: A tad high in alcohol, for us, I mean 15 per cent, really?, but potent potables are after all potent (yet somehow the French can pull it off with less alcohol and there dear drinker is an air it would be nice to see mimicked).


With food some of that anticipated peppery flavour came forward (tenderloin, BBQd medium rare, easy on the sauce compadre) and the deer-in-the-headlights fruit toned down a bit, a slightly more classic CS tone lingered.  Splitting hairs on now much it is or isn’t what you expect a CS to be seems petty, especially when it was so enjoyable.


Is the Majella good?  By god yes, a hundred times over.  Is it worth it?  Well, maybe, but $30 is $30 and we’re not made of mad money.  But if you are, a case of this would do wonders for your social standing.  Invite me over.


Price: $29.99 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: Expensive, but think of it this way: A wine this good made in BC would be twice as much.  (I’m talkin’ to you, Black Hills, Le Vieux Pin, etc., etc.)

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