Sperling Vineyards Market White, 2010

Thai green curry on scented rice and a cucumber salad

A pretty ordinary not too much to write a review about white which, however, I usually have a bottle of in the fridge.  Or two.  Even though I think it’s a touch too forward on the acid side and without enough depth to make it guest-worthy it’s inexpensive and exceptionally versatile.  We eat a lot of Asian food, Indian, Thai, Chinese, as well light fare (fish in filo say or a vegetarian stir fry) and this wine goes with any number of dishes where you don’t want to lose out on nuance, paired well it never overpowers or distracts from, say, saffron, curry or lime leaves, kalonji, jasmine rice, or the other night on the patio, a green curry with fresh cucumber, pepper and cilantro salad in a rice vinegar dressing.  It will match up against a vegetable pakora as well as a packet of red snapper steamed with green onion.  It’s no heavyweight but no hardship.  So, glass half full: A decent weekday white, screw cap, great price, low alcohol.  Thanks Ann Sperling.


Price: $16 at your friendly VQA store (and usually in their fridge to boot).


Market Liquidity: You can spend more for less.

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