La Frenz Naramata Bench Riesling, 2011

A very pleasant sipper with dominant notes of apple, pear, some acid and a gentle, nominal effervescence.  Not astounding, seemed a bit lacking in dimension, and not quite as rich and interesting for us as many Australian Rieslings, but no regrets.


We had a glass before dinner which was “what’s left in the fridge” night: A buttermilk frittata with onion, red pepper, Oyama cured sausage and some steamed corn.  This would have paired better with either a Riesling with more fruit (say the Alkoomi) or a Sauv Bl with a heavy green tart twist.  Still, nothing left to cork!


Three stars, four stars, five stars, whatever stars for 11 per cent alcohol.


Price: A very reasonable $20 from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: Wine snobs will gravitate to the Viognier, such is life.

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