La Frenz Rattlesnake Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, 2011

A very light, likeable and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc—perfect for a hot day under the shade of an umbrella on a patio overlooking Okanagan Lake.  If you gravitate to the heavier types of SB, the straw, metallic and green-ness typified in New Zealand SBs, this will disappoint.  But if you are up for a super sipper, with a thoroughly respectable 12 per cent alcohol, this will reward, particularly at lunch.  And not too steep, although NZ, again, undercuts on the bargain front.


With food (a Zara’s stuffed wild mushroom fresh pasta) it was mediocre and the acid notes, a lemony zest, drowned out pleasant notes of pear, melon and tropical fruit.  So stand alone a standout, summer breeze, as a food accompaniment so-so; you’d be better off with a Kiwi competitor.


We did not notice what the winemaker’s did (minerality?  What minerality?  And not a nuance of fresh cut grass which, I might point out in passing, is one of the strongest most potent natural smells and can in large doses be toxic!).  No, we found this identifiably SB but gentle on your mind.


Price: $22 from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: It will blow through the jasmine of your mind.

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