Huet Vouvray, Le Haut-Lieu Sec, 2001

From the cellar: Dug out a lone bottle of Le Haut Lieu Vouvray Sec which was just begging to be taken outside for some sunshine and deck time.  Opened up like fruit punch.  Peach and peach fuzz, a strong flavour reminiscent of wet rock (what wine reviewers commonly call limestone, although I’m not an expert on the mineral palette).  Apple followed with a citrus twist on the finish which I’ll artfully call pomelo.


As an aperitif bone dry and sharp and calling out for something (maybe a cheese crisp or a pistachio, something to cut the acid).  With food (a wonderful patio summer dinner of cold chicken—a marinated free range spatchcock bbq’d earlier—with fresh summer vegetables and some spiced apricots) quit nice, refreshing, a decent 12 per cent alcohol.


Not stellar.  Not like the 2009 sec reviewed here or the fabulous petillant (which I must get off my butt and review).  Also, I’m not confident this was the “keeper” the reviewers claimed back in the day (I had clipped an “expert” opinion stating this could rest until 2018…).  Still, I would take a case of anything from Huet. They make interesting, out-of-the-ordinary wine that is a break from trends and dominant tastes.


Price: I didn’t record it.  Probably $40+ at Marquis who sells Huet locally (the 2009 was $34).


Market Liquidity: It was what it was.

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