Month: August 2012

  • La Frenz Viognier, 2011

    Sensational.  But let me add: Full Disclosure—I’m not on the “Viognier is all” vogue train.  It’s the be all end all for some but it’s also, often, patently dull.  Not this stunning white from La Frenz in Naramata. The La Frenz sips well, very well, and better yet was superlative with food, has exceptional generous […]

  • Folie a Deux Russian River Valley Sonoma County Chardonnay, 2010

    Surprisingly good value.  Sometimes in the lower priced chards you get hit over the head with a thwack of oak; not here.  It’s got oak, but not “lynn-dee-min” oak, if you know what I mean.  Lots of apple, pear, OK balance and a buttery flourish.  Was a treat with Tuscan melon and prosciutto and some […]

  • La Frenz Naramata Bench Malbec, 2010

    Naramata Malbec.  Hmmm.  Sounds like an oxymoron.  But this La Frenz offering is in fact an honest to god Malbec; has a pungent toasty tannic kick and appealing fruit finish. As a sipper: So so.  It just didn’t rise to the occasion the way so many Argentinean Malbecs do (and, for better or worse, many […]

  • Marietta Sonoma County Zinfandel, 2010

    Blackberry, chocolate and a tangy peppery bite that in an odd way could be described as crisp.  Not as “gentle” or forward and approachable as umpteen Califonia Zins.   With food it drank much better than a sipper.  On one night we had it with hamburgers and it was OK, not brilliant.  We had the […]

  • Kendall Jackson Vintners Reserve Chardonnay, 2010

    For a fresh and summery salade nicoise, I reached into the fridge for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc only to discover there was nothing but chardonnay and sparkling water!  Some preparation.   The Kendall Jackson is a pleasant sipper, not overbearing or too rich, some minerality and acid and hints of something greater which the […]

  • Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

    It sometimes alarms me how much good wine we drink.  But then again that must be testament to how many great wines there are still to discover.  And I think, for those who like wine, who like to enjoy food and wine, who take a glass with friends, who lean towards the variety and depth […]

  • Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Chardonnay, 2009

    Please sir, may I have some more?  Yes, but you will have to source it at a private wine store and pay double what you pay in the US.  That is unfortunately the wine business in BC.  But this wine is unquantifiably satisfying and worth the search.   Deceptively simple nose but myriad levels of […]

  • Ridge California Sonoma County Three Valleys, 2008

    From the cellar: A beautiful red, a beauty of beauties.  A blend of primarily Zin rounded out with a hodgepodge of other grapes (four per cent Mataro?) which results in just shockingly good balance and scrumptious, forward fruit.  A slight piquancy keeps the cherry cola notes from overpowering and becoming cloying and sweet.  My god […]