Ridge California Sonoma County Three Valleys, 2008

From the cellar: A beautiful red, a beauty of beauties.  A blend of primarily Zin rounded out with a hodgepodge of other grapes (four per cent Mataro?) which results in just shockingly good balance and scrumptious, forward fruit.  A slight piquancy keeps the cherry cola notes from overpowering and becoming cloying and sweet.  My god do they turn out some fine wines down at Ridge.  Someone knows what they are doing and is doing it very well; and to think this is just one of their more “average” bottles.  You could sip this all night without a nosh and be nothing but satisfied but we did end up serving it with a dry aged NY strip, BBQ, no adornment, and the Three Valleys was just shy of being up to the challenge.  Belmont and Preakness yes, no Derby.


The label claimed it was ready from the get go upon the 09 release; I picked up this specimen at Pete’s in Seattle on holiday in early 2010 and sat on it for nearly a year and a half.  It opened up beautifully and without an ounce of disappointment.  Shockingly good value in the US but, alas, Ridge in BC is rare, pricey and difficult to justify the after tax expense.  So, like a week in Hawaii in the dead of winter, it was an isolated indulgence.


Price: $19.30 USD at Pete’s in Seattle in 2010.


Market Liquidity: Semi-precious gem.

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