Au Bon Climat Santa Barbara Chardonnay, 2009

Please sir, may I have some more?  Yes, but you will have to source it at a private wine store and pay double what you pay in the US.  That is unfortunately the wine business in BC.  But this wine is unquantifiably satisfying and worth the search.


Deceptively simple nose but myriad levels of flavours and nuance on the palate.  Most delectable is the last note of butterscotch on the finish, a light lingering finish you don’t anticipate.  It seemed to bridge the not so easy to achieve balance between the broad, strong, typical California chards (i.e., cheaper) with the more austere, mineral dominant chards of note, such as Montelena (i.e., more expensive), and that balance just seemed perfect.


However, maybe we liked this wine so much because we had it on the deck, on a perfectly warm and still August evening, a gorgeous marinated BBQ chicken, the first of the fresh corn, local cherry heirloom tomatoes, and not a wasp in the mix!  Context may have skewed how much we loved it, but my notes indicate that it was superlative and I have to stand by that.  And I do!


Price: Less than $20 in the US but $36 in Vancouver at Marquis (but thank god someone has the good sense to stock it).


Market Liquidity: Everything a chardonnay should be.

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