Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008

It sometimes alarms me how much good wine we drink.  But then again that must be testament to how many great wines there are still to discover.  And I think, for those who like wine, who like to enjoy food and wine, who take a glass with friends, who lean towards the variety and depth and phenomenal nuance of wine, it is probably a great joy to open just another bottle and discover something wonderful.


The Sterling isn’t a much lauded Bordeaux vintage and I have no idea (or inclination to find out) what Mr. Parker deemed it on his ten point scale which begins (ironically?) at 85, but this is perfectly palatable, smooth and eloquent, a smidgen strong as a sipper (it is after all a Cab Sauv) but with a picnic mid-summer dinner of Jim Lahey’s homemade thin crust pizza and salad, it was dreamlike.  Soft and peppery, dry and fruity, oak but not much, just as warm and peaceful as the August setting sun.  It may have been more appropriate with a fine cut of red meat but we found it delectable and luscious in our circumstance and too bad there was only one bottle.   Even at the nearly $30 Canadian threshold, we liked it enough to cough up the dough.  But under $20?  You must be joking.


Price: $19.99 USD in Washington for the 08, other vintages (e.g., 09) $28.99 at BC Liquor.


Market Liquidity: It’s a peaceful easy feeling.

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