Marietta Sonoma County Zinfandel, 2010

Blackberry, chocolate and a tangy peppery bite that in an odd way could be described as crisp.  Not as “gentle” or forward and approachable as umpteen Califonia Zins.


With food it drank much better than a sipper.  On one night we had it with hamburgers and it was OK, not brilliant.  We had the rest the next night with a simple peasant dish (spicy Italian sausages, leftover ciabatta cubed, sliced fingerling potatoes, rosemary stalks, a little paprika, all tossed in some olive oil, baked for 45 minutes), with fresh vegetables.  It came alive with a strong, spicy meat as if adolescent to adult; it was like the flip side of Ruby Tuesday (which was, for those too young to remember 45s, Let’s Spend the Night Together, faster, louder, and much more “Stones” than the Beatle-ish RT).  Had a nice finish, plum, berry, vanilla and creme de cassis.


We liked the Marietta, but we didn’t love it.  At the US price, under $20, an exceptional value.  NB: Been around since 1974 but not listed in Hugh Johnson’s pocket wine guide; pity.


Price: $19.99 USD in WA, not available in BC.


Market Liquidity: Take that Ravenswood!

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