Month: September 2012

  • LePlan-Vermeersch GT-A Grand Terroir Aramon, 2009

    Stinkingly alcoholic, gorgeous with food, deeply flavourful and rich, berries layered with vanilla layered with a smoky finesse.  A fine foil for beef, how we drank it, but brutally over-the-top forward as an aperitif; you might as well dig out the Johnnie Walker Green Label if that’s your thing.  I am told that Parker gave […]

  • La Fleur de Boüard, Lalande-de-Pomerol, 2005

    From the cellar: Yet another in the litany of 05 “best vintage of the millennium” bottles we overspent on and laid down and, frankly, the very first that seemed worth it.  Surprisingly robust with all the nuance of a fine Bordeaux blend.  Wasn’t tart, wasn’t tannic, it was rather silky, and had perhaps magically reached […]

  • Moon Curser Afraid of the Dark, 2011

    Bleachhh.  Applauded in the Georgia Straight but really, this is mediocre at best, plain jane, taste free, the sort of banal blend that puts confirmed red wine drinkers even further in the red wine camp.  And, unlike the GS review, it did not drink well, sip well and clashed with food.  Moon Curser makes some […]