Moon Curser Afraid of the Dark, 2011

Bleachhh.  Applauded in the Georgia Straight but really, this is mediocre at best, plain jane, taste free, the sort of banal blend that puts confirmed red wine drinkers even further in the red wine camp.  And, unlike the GS review, it did not drink well, sip well and clashed with food.  Moon Curser makes some wonderful wines but this blend, Viognier, Roussanne, and Marsanne, is so generic as to be a barcode.  When Ann Sperling can turn out an Okanagan simple white blend that’s drinkable at $16, you’d expect something a little flashier for $6 more and from a more “of the moment” vineyard.  The comments around the table were much less kind than my text here, and the grimaces and facial expressions of the other tasters would rival Jim Carrey being birthed from the anus of a rhino in Ace Ventura.   Saying this is forgettable would be kind.

Price: $22 at Mud Bay.

Market Liquidity: Like the emperor’s new clothes.

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