Four Vines Maverick Zinfandel, Amador County, 2010

When wine reviewers write that Zin is “jammy” this is pretty much what they mean.  This is a jam pot at the B&B breakfast table.  Archetypal Zin and very, very easy to drink.  Has a berry, plum and vanilla nose and on the palate ends with a modest peppery bite and a zesty alcoholic  knock.  Fruit forward and luscious but a little short on the finish.


We sipped it, and loved it.  Then we served it with Italian sausage risotto, as per the photo, and it couldn’t match the depth of flavour, it paled.  We needed a boisterous Malbec, not a fruity Zin.  But the second night we served it with homemade chicken meatballs and it was divine.  If you have guests who want a pre-dinner red and don’t like the vogue for light pinot-ish stuff, than this is a perfect pick.


Price: $19 USD, couldn’t source in BC.


Market Liquidity: You won’t need to save the cork.

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