La Frenz Chardonnay Reserve, 100 Series, 2010

Ah, the hard to find La Frenz Reserve Chardonnay.  Delectable.  Caramel on a pear.  Butterscotch, spice, nuance, you name it.  Scrumptious finish.  I could go on and on and on and would gladly sound off in a fine rendition of the Wine Spectator masters (I think they have their own special Roget’s for oenophiles).  But here’s the rub: This blog is about wine value, our after tax dollar.  We don’t review based just on merit; we review based on what we tongue-in-cheek call market liquidity or how much great wine how much our limited funds allow us to purchase.  And this is the thing with the Reserve: It’s up against the thoroughly decent, hugely palatable “base model” La Frenz Chardonnay.  It’s kind of a like a 3 series versus a 5 series; ultimately, they’re both BMWs.


Thus, the question: Is the Reserve nine dollars better than the base model?  It’s better yes.  It’s absolutely 100 per cent five dollars better but, for our pocketbook, no, it’s not nine dollars better.  So, yes, it was heavenly, but, no, it’s not on our shortlist.  Sorry Charlie.


Price: $29 from the vineyard.


Market Liquidity: Like landing on Luxury Tax.

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