Walter Clore Private Reserve Columbia Crest Columbia Valley Red Wine, 2008

Generic 04 label. Not a picture of the 2008 we drank; got too absorbed!

Gloriously good.  Red all over: Berries, smoke, vanilla, leather, tannins, you name it.  But quite the potent potable.  It absolutely must be decanted or aerated or at least left in your glass to sit, as only then will the fullness of this robust red, this superb accomplishment, come to fruition.  Sorry, I wish I could be more serious, this is seriously good wine, but sometimes you are casual about genius, and this is like a friend you want to be able to be friendly with, to josh and jibe and rib as much as treasure.


A blend of mainly Merlot with some Cab Sauv, Cab Franc and Malbec, this is a testament to how great blends can be and conversely why varietals can be so uneven.  It is not perfect, it is not as eloquent as finer Bordeaux blends but it doesn’t lack a shred of likeability and was absolutely perfect A-one with rack of lamb.  To which I might add: Not a sipper.  This is a food wine par excellence and deserves your finest cuts.


It’s hard to believe this is this good at 2012.  I know nothing of aging potential (how do those crones down at the Wine Spectator decide something they taste today has five or seven or ten more years in it? Is there a secret algorithm?  A double-blind placebo controlled study to show potential?  Oh, I forgot; wine reviewing isn’t a science, that’s why there’s no science to support it, it’s just everyday joe’s, like you and me, except some have to pay for the booze—that’s me—and others get it for free—that’s them).


If you can find it, and if you do, I would put this aside.  It will wow on Thanksgivings to come or Christmases or Easters.  If I have a qualm it’s simply the ever present American predilection for reds just shy of 15 per cent alcohol.


Price: From Pete’s in Seattle some time ago.  Not sure.  Certainly not available in BC.


Market Liquidity: Likeable, loveable, an inch away from elopement.

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  2. I bought a 2006 vintage of the Walter Clore in Enumclaw, Washington at QFC (they actually have a temperature controlled room for the nice stuff). It was $27 (US). I was sceptical of buying a Columbia Crest, but was pleasantly surprised. I would rate it up there with Poplar Grove Legacy or Mission Hill Quatrain. Too bad it’s not available in BC, but if it was, it’d be $50 🙁

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