Dashe Zinfandel, 2009

Good.  If this wine was an athlete it would have potential.


We cooked up a Zinfandel pot roast (roast roasted three hours in Zinfandel, onion, celery, tomatoes, garlic, porcini mushrooms, marjoram) with some new potatoes and served a bottle of Dashe Dry Creek Zin as a go-with.  In advance of dinner it was soft, approachable and I’m sure a crowd-pleaser, but it paled with dinner, oddly, and sipped without finesse.


We noticed, most prominently, vanilla, followed by the chocolate (the label stated chocolate as prominent).  But if you bake you will know that not all vanilla’s are equal.  Mexican vanilla maintains integrity if slow baked in a mud cake whereas Tahitian vanilla should be added to a pudding or dish that has already cooked as it would fade on a long bake.  Vanillas have degrees of prominence and depth as do flavours in wine and for this bottle we felt the vanilla was gentle and delectable and with a fine finish, but not a heavyweight, and a tad shy of holding up to a strong meat main.


Price: $21 USD, not available in BC.


Market Liquidity: A good stand-in.

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