Moon Curser Border Vines, 2010

With air and time exceptional flavour, vanilla, black cherry, a woody smoke and a very forward creme de cassis.  Hard not to adore.  “Bordeaux” style blend.  Yummy.  Yet another provocative red from the Similkameen (our favourite vineyard a few years back was Seven Stones which, ironically or not, we discovered in a restaurant in old Montreal).  However, and at the risk of this becoming a boring blog theme, stingingly, stinkingly alcoholic.  Sort of like a hot jock in high school: Not so hot in real life.  Afterwards we wondered whether there was too much show?  We really had a bomb from this vineyard a while back (see here for the review) but this came through.

Price: $24.90 at the friendly VQA shops

Market Liquidity: There are worse ways to get drunk.

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