Month: November 2012

  • Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (2012 film, not wine)

    What to drink while watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.  It’s a statement, not a question.  If you must give up two and a half hours of your life to this drudge masquerading as both art and history then you must get drunk.  There is no other way to tolerate it.  But what to drink?  I suppose […]

  • Pieza El Coll, Garaje Blend, 2008

    Wow.  Deeply dark.  Darkly deep.  The potent potable of Jeopardy clues.  Leather, currants, cherry, smoke, hay, coffee, minerals, and a slight skank which really could be a barnyard.  Although there is dark fruit flavour this is not in any way a fruity wine.  It’s colossally masculine, and forward.  Not a sipper.  A red meat drinker.  […]

  • Château D’Agassac Haut-Medoc, 2005

    From the cellar: Another in the ever unimpressive 05 Bordeaux’s squirreled away in the wine cellar.  To be fair, this was probably the most impressive and satisfying yet, although Parker only scored it 88 and for the price I would happily open a fine Spanish Rioja.   It drank best with air but I must […]

  • Argyle Willamette Valley Chardonnay, 2010

    We anticipated a low-alcohol, fresh, lively and zesty simple chardonnay.  And while this delivers on the low-alcohol (thank you Argyle, I’m sure you don’t get enough thanks for the French touch), it is unfortunately quite forgettable as chards go.  Maybe not banal, but simple to the point of being inconsequential, and nowhere near the gushing […]

  • Drinking Wine in London

    A week of not bad wines, higher expectations than necessarily came to pass, and even higher prices. The most interesting was by far a 2000 Vernaccia Di Oristano Contini, extremely rare to my eyes—in other words I’d never seen a bottle.  Sardignian white.  It was dry and, I guess, dessert-ish, but I had it as […]

  • Scott Family Estate Chardonnay, 2010

    California chardonnay in the French style.  Nothing wrong with this fine bottle.  None of the piercing oak-highs you expect from a Monterey chard.  Tropical fruit, maybe even coconut, and superb balance.  Extremely food friendly.  A great restaurant choice if you ever have the choice.   We had this with some beet salad dressed in minted […]