Argyle Willamette Valley Chardonnay, 2010

We anticipated a low-alcohol, fresh, lively and zesty simple chardonnay.  And while this delivers on the low-alcohol (thank you Argyle, I’m sure you don’t get enough thanks for the French touch), it is unfortunately quite forgettable as chards go.  Maybe not banal, but simple to the point of being inconsequential, and nowhere near the gushing reviews you will find all over the place (on fruit, spice and finish, say, across the Net; we found the finish to be, well, cut and dried).  Argyle makes a single vineyard chardonnay, Nuthouse, which is more expensive, and presumably much better, but after a bottle of the base model we are disinclined to spend any more.  We opened it as a sipper and were unimpressed, then drank it with a gorgeous vegetarian main of baked stuffed acorn squash with nutted quinoa.  Great dinner, mediocre wine.


(Their sparkling wines are actually good festive bottles to have around.)


Price: $18 USD; could only source their Pinot in BC.


Market Liquidity: To each his own.

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