Château D’Agassac Haut-Medoc, 2005

From the cellar: Another in the ever unimpressive 05 Bordeaux’s squirreled away in the wine cellar.  To be fair, this was probably the most impressive and satisfying yet, although Parker only scored it 88 and for the price I would happily open a fine Spanish Rioja.


It drank best with air but I must state up front: There was immediate gratification, out of the bottle, before aerating or decanting, and that was impressive, as I took a half glass “just to check.”  Smooth, approachable, tobacco, a nice spicy kick, not much if any oak.  But at the same time if we were blindfolded I would have guessed it as something much lighter: There was no heft, no lingering majesty, and in fact the fruit erred towards maraschino cherry, too cloying.


With a pork roast (brined in maple syrup and rosemary, roasted on a bed of apples and onions and basted in a sweet maple Dijon glaze) it was pretty darn good.


A truly lovely wine, but light, and too-Beaujolais-ish to impress.


Price: A lot.  That’s just how it goes in BC.


Market Liquidity: Ah, the mysteries of terroir.

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