Pieza El Coll, Garaje Blend, 2008

Wow.  Deeply dark.  Darkly deep.  The potent potable of Jeopardy clues.  Leather, currants, cherry, smoke, hay, coffee, minerals, and a slight skank which really could be a barnyard.  Although there is dark fruit flavour this is not in any way a fruity wine.  It’s colossally masculine, and forward.  Not a sipper.  A red meat drinker.  This is to Gamay what heroin is to khat.  Remarkably, all this heft comes in at 14 per cent alcohol: Take note New World vintners!  Seems the Spanish can get a heavyweight out three per cent less than California or Australia…


So there you go: An impressive, inexpensive, superb and thoughtful blend.  But, you know, it’s not really my cup of tea.  Bad metaphor.  Rather, it’s like cup after cup of espresso; one is enough.  It has a long finish but not delicate or nuanced.  I will give this blend its due, in fact it’s rather brilliant, but not, say, the everyday red I’d like ready on the shelf.  It will impress though, and for the price why not?


Price: An extremely well priced $19.99 which we scored on sale at $15.99 at the ever friendly Everything Wine.


Market Liquidity: A lot of John Wayne in Red River, just, unfortunately, no Montgomery Clift.

One Comment to “Pieza El Coll, Garaje Blend, 2008”

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