Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008


Potent.  Heavy.  Can bench press 200!  Although tasty, with a sharp blast of jammy, plummy fruit and vanilla, it also has a strident menthol slash cough drop undercurrent that hits your nose like a frozen popsicle.  Better with air, but not significantly better.  You can sense the oak then taste the oak then think about the oak.  I believe the Mr. Parker has a special relationship with oak.  But far be it from me to spread rumours.


In some way, for some people, a gorgeous rich and developed red, but in other ways, brash and too forward, with a chalky woodsy note that sits too long on the palate.


Food friendly (pork meatballs, baked acorn squash, sautéed kale) but still a bit astringent, as it was pre-dinner.


Much lauded, apparently.  So I guess it’s better than my review.


Price: $19.99 at Everything Wine.


Market Liquidity: Press, snatch, clean and jerk.

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