Eternum Viti Tinta del Toro, 2008

christmas tree eternum vitiFrom the cellar: Anthony Gismondi awarded this 90 points.  Whatever that means it was, is, a beautiful red.  I bought a bottle two years ago, and brought it out Christmas-season, as a cellar treat.  Remarkable.  Well, it is the season.  And who knew I had the cellar discipline?  Given that the previous night we drank of all things a Brunello, and in comparison it dwarfed the majestic Italian red at a fraction of the price, vundabar, ooh la la, and how incredibly wonderful life is with [this red wine] in the world…

Still, we thought it had another year or so to go (but have no regrets, except that I only bought one bottle).  Very smooth, great depth and deeply satisfying.  No harsh tannins, no chalky after bite.  Lovely cherry, plum and other dark fruit nuance.

Price: A remarkable $25 at BCL.

Market Liquidity: Money very well spent.

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