L’Ecole No 41 Syrah, 2008

ln41syrahHave been through almost all the other L’Ecole wines I could get my hands on. Why did I wait so long to try the Syrah?  Again, utterly fine, no disappointment.  And, like their other reds, pure varietal nuance, no blemishes.  As I’ve noted before (L’Ecole reviews are littered throughout the blog and I am too lazy to hyperlink, but choose US Washington from the search menu if you like), drinking LN41 wines is like going to wine school—in a good way, like an instruction on the beauty of varietals.


We decanted/aerated this in my new toy, a Menu carafe, that does double duty by aerating and decanting (and you can transfer the wine back to the bottle if you like).  I didn’t keep a constant to compare, but this was magic from the get go.  Strong and forward, not as easy going as say Kilikanoon, in fact a little grittier than the Australian Shiraz-ez we normally drink; think Sam Peckinpah aggressive as opposed to Sergio Leone tense, but the LN41 is artful, not superficial.  Deeply spicy/tobacco/chocolate on a tangy and lingering and flavourful finish.


Price: Twenty something in Seattle; hard to find in BC, but Legacy down at the Olympic Village may have a bottle for around $50.


Market Liquidity: Whole hog Syrah.

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