Chateau Rollan de By, Medoc, 2005

Chateau Rollan de ByFrom the cellar: Yes, it was Christmas, so another of the last few 05 Bordeaux bottles came out from the cellar.  And, like a virgin birth, it was a miracle.  As Lawrence Welk might have put it, wunneful.  Any smoother and it’d be suede.


Not an ounce of tannic bitterness.  Make this wine gentler and you’d be leading your blind granny across the street and tithing 25 per cent of your income.  Very, very rewarding for a “lie down” and most certainly worth the half decade wait.


Search elsewhere for superlatives: Just trust me, if you see a bottle on a wine list, nab it.

Price: Same old story; all the 05 Bordeaux’s were expensive.


Market Liquidity: Like butter.

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