Sandhill Pinot Blanc, 2010

Sandill PBSandhill Small Lots are some of the most spectacular (accessible) BC wines; we have some gushing reviews on this blog.  But like Banana Republic’s Monogram line or Brooks Brothers’ Black Fleece, decent brands are always separating out their “quality” from their “superior quality.”  And it gets tiresome.  Sandhill does it with basic Sandhill and their lovely Small Lots program.


This basic offering is a bit innocuous as a sipper, but quite fine with a vegetarian main: Braised fennel in thyme, garlic, wine, coriander, cumin and Moroccan olives along side Matiz sardines in lemon.


Light, an inch away from effervescent, stony, pear and/or apple-ish, ripe and full, but we got no notes of vanilla or pineapple (as stated on the label).  Worth trying, yes, but I doubt we’ll repeat.


Price: A reasonable $20 at BCL.


Market Liquidity: Could have done worse.

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