Noble Ridge Meritage, 2009

nobleHeady.  Berries, clove, licorice, vanilla.  Intense and forward with an enticing fragrant nose.  Not tannic; although stratospherically alcoholic.  It could mellow over the coming year or two.  At the price point miraculous.


Mainly Merlot.  But blended expertly.


A wonderful winter warmer, if a touch potent.  I was gifted (thank you Santa, and my sister!) one bottle, but if I had a second it would go down in “the cellar” for 18 months minimum.  Screw top; thank you for that, too.


Price: $20 from the vineyard, as it was a gift I didn’t source locally.


Market Liquidity: BC can be brilliant under $20; unfortunately that price point is rare.

One Comment to “Noble Ridge Meritage, 2009”

  1. This was one of a dozen I bought in Sept. 2012 in Okanagan (went to 22 wineries in two days).
    I opened it about six months ago (it was the cheapest I had on hand) and wasn’t thrilled. It was okay, but I didn’t want to run out and replace it. It’s about $29 at private stores in Victoria.

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