Perrin Vinsobres, 2009

perrinDamn easy to drink.  A gorgeous, approachable blend from Famille Perrin, part Syrah, but (to us) it tasted more of the Grenache, with not too much of the heavy spice of Syrah, and more of the (pleasant) bitterness of Grenache, fruit and chocolate, and like velvet.


I got a new toy at Christmas, a Menu Wine Breather Carafe, and we “double-decanted” the wine before drinking.  Unfortunately I didn’t keep a “constant” to compare, but this opened up incredibly with the “device” which is either because the wine was so good to begin with or high praise for yet another wine-lover’s accoutrement.


We had it with leftover ham from Christmas (a lovely quiche Lorraine) and assorted vegetables and it wasn’t the right wine, too heady and deep, but before, with salty snacks, and afterwards, just as a sipper, it could do no wrong.


Price: Not cheap, but it was recently on sale at Everything Wine for $23.


Market Liquidity: Another wonder from the Rhone.

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