Nichol Nine Mile Red, 2010

053An imperfect red blend that drinks perfectly.  Sharp, tart, chalky, acid, leathery, smoky, and a lovely lingering cherry oak finish.  Quite sensational in its own quirky way, like a favorite t-shirt with a few frays and stains, and not quite as refined as you would expect at this price point.  We love Nichol, when our pocket book allows, and this was good, although not quite up to some of their varietals; see our links here and here.


Drank as a sipper a little better than with food (quite surprisingly a disaster with a hearty homemade meatloaf) but we finished it off promptly nonetheless.  I would describe this wine as the beta version.  It will get better and better on future releases.  I hope.  As it is now it’s more conversation piece than keeper.


Price: $27.45 at Legacy Liquor in the Olympic Village.


Market Liquidity: A spectacular $20 bottle of wine, $7.45 over budget.

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