Clos du Soleil, Signature, 2010

How the other half live.  A most fine example of what could be the average BC bottle but unfortunately isn’t.


Clos-du-Soleil-Signature-2010If you can find it you’ll pay at least $39 a bottle, but probably more, so obviously I’ve never bought it.  Gentle, but not obsequious, not some mild-mannered red blend made from the dregs of the varietals.  Markedly Merlot on first sip but transitioning, blooming into something much more, with flavour of dark fruit, a little leather and quite a bit of oak (more than the server said there would be, anyway).  Sips beautifully and went well with dinner.  Why in the hell Robert Parker hasn’t rated this 90 points or more is beyond me.


We had it off the wine list at a vegetarian restaurant in Vancouver, and the only reason we coughed up so much dough to drink it is that we had a gift certificate to cover the dinner.  So what the hell.  But no disappointment; it was worth every cent.  It has surpassed the praise I heaped on a bottle of (the much higher priced) Nota Bene.  If you need a special red for Family Day or Valentine’s Day or just because you want a nice bottle of wine on Nice Bottle of Wine day, make it this stunner from Clos de Soleil.

The streak on the label is simply a drip of red wine, but I think it actually improved the label!


Price: $39 at the friendly VQA stores, if they have it; $80 before tax at Acorn, the itsty bitsy ten table restaurant that doesn’t take reservations…


Market Liquidity: Please sir, I want some more.

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