Villa Regia Douro Reserva, 2008


The best Portuguese wine I’ve ever had?  It’s really not saying much.  In our everyday liquor stores there’s no renaissance of Portuguese wine the way there has been with Spain and Chile.  Maybe it’s access, domain, importation issues, whatever, it just seems that decent, reasonably priced Portuguese wine is not the ordinary here.  To date we only have one other Portugal wine on the blog and it was a bust.  No hyperlink!


But this fine red blend (of many grapes I’m unfamiliar with except Tempranillo) is far from ordinary.  Rich and mellow and with just a touch of tannins.  It has had some glowing reviews and in general we agreed with the theme that it’s fruit forward, with darker, woodsy flavours on the rebound.  It sells for as little as $13 in many parts (and, no, I’m not confusing the everyday Villa Regia with the Reserva) but alas, and of course not in the land of 130% wine tax, should it go for a song.  Still, at just shy of $20, worth it through and through.


We drank it on its own with much enjoyment then sipped it with homemade meatballs and it even cut through the rosemary basil tomato sauce with finesse.  It should be a house wine at average joints but of course that is asking too much.


Price: $19.99 at Everything Wine (but buy a case and get the discount)


Market Liquidity: Crowd pleaser.

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