Tamarack Cellars Merlot, 2008

004It barely fit in the “wine cellar” and the label was crucified on the way out.


This is not your granny’s Merlot.  Holy crap.  This is to Merlot what Iggy Pop was to the King Family Singers.  It was wildly potent, even decanted, a gorgeous red, yes, but just far too assertive, unctiously awaiting praise, as if to say “How great am I?”


We liked it, but this is not a go-to red, not for us, it just is too much bravado and not enough restraint.  For others, for the sorts who order 40 ounce rib-eyes to share, this is the wine of your calling.

King Family

Price: $20-something US from a shop in Washington.  Their Firehouse Red is $30 in BC at the government stores, but the Merlot is not to be found.

iggy pop

Market Liquidity: Like the third Die Hard; for fans, it’s worth it.

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  1. Good to know! I have a bottle waiting patiently. I think I’ll open it for a Washington State wine tasting.
    I have several Long Shadows (Sequel, Pirouette, Pedestal) to go with it also.

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