Nieto Senetiner Reserva Malbec, 2011

The first in a series during a week in Argentina.


So many Malbecs to choose from, no idea what to do…  For a traditional grilled meat dinner at a typical parrilla in Buenos Aires, we took a bottle of the Nieto, a very old family winery in Mendoza.  This is no heavyweight, it’s more of an everyday Malbec, but lovely nonetheless.


On first taste it glows with flowery notes then the oak kicks in and the finish is a fine hit of pepper.  It was gloriously even, not as nuanced or eloquent as a “better” bottle would be, but perfectly food friendly.  You would be fortunate to find something so pleasant as a house red back home.


Price: Not available in BC, but cheap and cheerful south of the border, $12 USD or thereabouts.  In Argentina, for a song.


Market Liquidity: Good plonk shouldn’t break the bank.

Carnivore’s Delight

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