Riglos Quinto Malbec, 2011

036We went to a cash only restaurant and had to carefully decide on the wine as we hadn’t stuffed our pocket books with bills.  In the end we chose the Quinto Malbec, a bit of a concern as it was on the young side.  But no problems there:  Smoother than a baby’s bottom.  Drank with both pork shoulder and ravioli as fine as a Pinot.  Shocked us a bit it was so, how would you put it, tender?  Only 87 over at the RP establishment but at the price I would put it much higher on the point scale.  It did not have the levels, depth or maturity of a finer bottle but it served the purpose and was wonderfully satisfying nonetheless.  If you could score this in Canada in the $20 mark it’s a no brainer, buy a case.  Not available, unfortunately, at the BC Liquor stores.


Price: Equivalent to $24 Canadian (in a restaurant!).


Market Liquidity: Simple, but not a simpleton.

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