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March 27, 2013

San Pedro de Yacochuya Malbec, 2010

002First wine we’ve had from Salta (as opposed to Mendoza).  A most complex and satisfying red.  Smooth and abrasive, but not jarring.  Deep and complex.  Easy to drink but with a little jolt.  Food friendly.  Maybe not as lingering and thoughtful as you’d expect, but very, very good.  One of those surprise reds that takes you aback ( a little, anyway).


Know nothing about this vineyard, little about the wines from Salta (although malaria is prevalent now in the area!), and can’t say for certain I’ve ever even had a glass from the area.  Nice surprise.  We were told it was a joint venture with the esteemed Etchart family.


Price: Expensive, I think, given how reasonable wine is here: $35 in a restaurant (or, what every bottle of everyday plonk costs in a Vancouver restaurant).


Market Liquidity: Depends.  Let’s say you find it in Canada, and let’s say you find it under $30, then it’s a must must must buy.  At under $40 a treat.  At under $50 there are other options.

March 27, 2013

Trumpeter Reserve Malbec, 2009

trumpeterStill in Argentina and, sorry to report, the worst bottle we’ve had so far.  Which, ironically or not, is better than almost all the Malbec readily available under $30 at the BC Liquor back home.  If you travel, and if your travels take you to wine destinations, you might find that a) realistically, there’s a longstanding tradition that most countries keep their best and export the rest, b) you are victim of a wine conspiracy, say a not very picky specialist at BC Liquor is selecting all the Malbec or c) the tax in BC is so high that decent wine here, Argentina, is in the stratosphere back home.  I would hazard a guess that reality is a mix of three.


The Trumpeter wasn’t expensive but, relatively speaking, wasn’t cheap, and although it drank nicely it had a tiny bit of the coarseness, the edge that I associate with lesser Malbec.  It lacked the forward fruit of other wines we’ve been drinking, even by the glass, even the ubiquitous Alamos which is as unavoidable in Buenos Aires as Budweiser at a football game.


Price: $23 Canadian, in a trendy restaurant (maybe it’s the “in” label).


Market Liquidity: Sorry Charley (if you remember the Starkist reference).

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