San Pedro de Yacochuya Malbec, 2010

002First wine we’ve had from Salta (as opposed to Mendoza).  A most complex and satisfying red.  Smooth and abrasive, but not jarring.  Deep and complex.  Easy to drink but with a little jolt.  Food friendly.  Maybe not as lingering and thoughtful as you’d expect, but very, very good.  One of those surprise reds that takes you aback ( a little, anyway).


Know nothing about this vineyard, little about the wines from Salta (although malaria is prevalent now in the area!), and can’t say for certain I’ve ever even had a glass from the area.  Nice surprise.  We were told it was a joint venture with the esteemed Etchart family.


Price: Expensive, I think, given how reasonable wine is here: $35 in a restaurant (or, what every bottle of everyday plonk costs in a Vancouver restaurant).


Market Liquidity: Depends.  Let’s say you find it in Canada, and let’s say you find it under $30, then it’s a must must must buy.  At under $40 a treat.  At under $50 there are other options.

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