Antucara Barrandica 2011 Pinot Noir

004Well, my computer died.  My computer died and my ability to write out notes on what we drank, the glorious, wonderful, exceptional wines we drank, at extremely competitive prices, and often with the most outrageously good food, all over Buenos Aires, that died too.  Dozens of blog entries down the tube!


I have pictures until I’m blue in the face but it seems disingenuous to write the reviews from a memory, not in the moment.  So I won’t.  But there is one wine that was hugely inspirational and a turning point for me: An Argentinian Pinot.


If you’ve read any other reviews on this blog you’ll know I’m not a huge fan of Pinot, particularly the price point and the fawning review for middling wines and the snobbery attached to those who can actually produce it.  Mea culpa: We had this red at a five course tasting menu and it rose to the occasion like no other.  Guests at the table asked to see the bottle only to be amazed they were drinking Pinot.  It was food friendly, a great sipper, and exactly, perfectly what a great Pinot should be, approachable, full of nuance, and just when you get friendly with it, then it reveals another dimension.  And, to top it all off, who would of thunk that Argentina could produce brilliant Pinot?


If travel is about broadening the mind, then thank you Barrandica.


Of course I spent days afterwards trying to find it, and from the sneers of the wine snob vintners I ran across there was much disdain for the house and/or the wine.  But mark my words: This is like the Cornell students advising Enron as a sell 12 years before it tanked.  There is something hot, hot, hot in Argentina, and it’s called Pinot, and before you know it you’ll be crowing too.  Bye bye Malbec.


Price: Don’t know.  Included in a tasting menu.  Couldn’t source it commercially.


Market Liquidity: Like Usain Bolt; out of nowhere and winning with ease.

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