Casa Silva Las Lingues Gran Reserva Carmenere, 2010

073Whenever we saw it on a menu we ordered it.  It was just that good.  We didn’t drink as much Carmenere as I expected, but of all the bottles and glasses we tried this was our favorite; maybe not the best, certainly not the cheapest or most expensive, but our favorite.


It was smooth, luscious, extremely food friendly, and big.  It had some spice like a Shiraz but if I was blindfolded and asked what I was drinking I would have guessed a smooth Cab Sauv.  Which seems, in Chile, to be the perfection of Carmenere, or, rather, when Carmenere is perfect: It has all the bigness of a Cab Sauv, some of the edge of a Shiraz, but drinks easier than either, more like Merlot.  We tried glasses of various Carmeneres that didn’t quite hit the mark, but this one was pitch perfect.  And as we tried it several times we saw how flexible it was, pairing with chicken, red meat, stews and braises (as per the ribs above) pasta and even a tapas platter.


Price: In restaurants, the cheapest we came across was $26.


Market Liquidity: Like an old friend.

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