J Bouchon Reserve Especial, Malbec 2010

007Chilean Malbec.  Seriously!  Yet another surprise in our two weeks in Chile.   It started with so much spice we thought of celery seed.  But with air that passed.  It had a deep licorice and dark berry nose.  It opened up beautifully and had notes of what Robert Parker loves, that oaky cherry nuance that sits on your tongue like butter.  It finished with just a whiff of vanilla.  It sipped beautifully.  With food it worked OK, quite well with meat but not so much with vegetables and cheese.


If this is what the Chileans could do with Malbec, en masse, watch out Argentina.  There is a lot of heft in this wine and it could go places Mendoza has only dreamed of.  But then again, try finding a bottle.


Price: Expensive in a restaurant, about $35.  But worth it.


Market Liquidity: The dark horse that takes it by a nose.

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