William Fevre Chile Gran Cuvee Chardonnay, 2010

[Last in a series of reviews from Chile.  Sorry about the crap pic.]

South America 2013 549

Outstanding.  Brilliant.  Words fail me.  You don’t need a review; you need to source a bottle.

We had dinner at a quite wonderful restaurant in Santiago’s tony Las Condes neighbourhood called Kilometre 0.  The wine list (on an iPad) was something of a tome to treasure.  So rather than belabor the myriad choices we chose our food and then went white.  The Fevre jumped out at me.  France and Chile?  Let’s try it.  Ooh la la.  It was full on French chardonnay in a Chilean bottling.  Someone, somewhere, knows the exact place to plant grapes, the exact time to pick them, and exactly how to treat them through the maturation process.  This was hands down the most satisfying white I’ve had in a long, long time.  It really could have been picked in Nuits-St-Georges.  We liked it as an aperitif, it worked well with a basic green salad with walnuts, and superb with simple fried fish.  Wow.

Price: $30+ in an expensive Santiago restaurant (but worth every penny).

Market Liquidity: Better balance than Nik Wallenda.

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