Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne

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Superb with a giant shrimp Caesar salad

A wine that sells in Vancouver for $256. So that’s like a new Google Chromebook.  That’s like 80% of an iPad. That’s like half of a monthly mortgage payment for a condo dweller.  That’s like, in Canada, $700 before tax income.  Just joking.  But it’s a lot.  They keep it locked in a cabinet at the liquor store.

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I will never buy this wine.  Ever.  Even if I win the lottery.  Even if I write a book more successful than Harry Potter and it gets made into a stream of movies with Ryan Gosling and Jessica Pare.  Even if I legitimately wine, er, I mean win seven Tour de Frances.  Never, ever.  Which is a huge shame (that I’m so cheap, to the bone), because this is one helluva champagne.

krug grande cuvee

We used points to fly Cathay Pacific from New York to Vancouver in First Class.  They offered us a glass of champagne while boarding.  It was over the top sensational.  Hugh Johnson, my wine idol, has referred to Krug as superlative and legendary and it is that to a tee.  It is a bucket list champers, and thank god I ticked that one off.  I drank it until they stopped serving booze, washed it down with some chamomile tea (served in a porcelain pot, how sweet) and woke up after an airline booze nap ready for more but the bar was closed.  [insert distressed emoticon]  I’ve had many fine champagnes over the years, La Grande Dame, Cristal, vintage Bollinger, and I can’t remember all the rest, which I used to get in London below cost in another lifetime, but never Krug.  Look elsewhere for superlatives and just trust me.  To top it off, CP served it well-chilled and fresh.  In Business on Lan and Air Canada their champagne was uneven, sometimes cold, sometimes lukewarm, sometimes effervescent, sometimes a little flat.  Not CP.

From the outside looking in, at price and availability, I always thought Krug a tad unctious.  How wrong.  Holy crow is it something to be reckoned with.  Maybe George Soros has a case or two he needs to write off for tax purposes.  George: Over here!

Well, I can only say this: Forget the Pauillac and the other heavy reds and I don’t know what whites they have on offer in CP First, and focus on the champers.  One guest in First rejected a glass.  He said, “champagne is a girly drink.”  To that all I can say is I’m ready to sport a vagina and stock up on sanitary napkins.

Price: Did I mention $256?

Market Liquidity: I surrender my manhood.

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