Buehler Russian River Valley Chardonnay, 2010

002Something I really wanted to like, from the label alone!  I read a high-praise review somewhere or someone served it at a dinner and it was magic or the very friendly clerk in Liberty on Commercial (oddly, the most organized of their stores) praised it.  Somehow we had a preconception of loving it.  But all of us found it without much character.  It doesn’t have a steely edge, it doesn’t have a brazen oakiness, it doesn’t have a buttery lusciousness, it’s just a little tiny bit of all the things that often drive drinkers to choose Chardonnay.  Maybe without preconceptions you will love it?


It might be the exact wine for a middle of the road crowd, a crowd pleaser.  But it fell flat at our dinner table.  Quite floral.  Pricey to boot.


Price $27.99 at Liberty


Market Liquidity: Just not in our wheelhouse.

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