Huet Vouvray, Le Haut-Lieu Moelleux, 2008

003From the cellar: If you can cope with brilliance you can get this plonk down.  To which I mean, this is as fine and brilliant as the first time you walk into the Pantheon in Rome where there is nothing but everything.  This wine has that sort of same geometric balance, majesty and awe-inspiring depth.  If you had, say, become jaded with the dross of product adorning the shelves at everyday liquor stores and happened upon this vintage from Huet, you would be redeemed.  It’s a miracle.


Honey, litchi, lavender, a gorgeous bouquet.  Light like finest Alsace but not a lightweight; sweet and creamy but not cloying like some German Riesling.  Indescribably rich and rewarding.


Expensive.  But there’s a history: I had a 40 year old bottle of Huet Vouvray on a significant birthday some years ago and ever since succumbed to the mysteries of this great domaine.  It’s not like “Vouvray,” not like the Vouvray you’ve seen on a bistro menu in Tours.  Even if it’s a once in a lifetime thing, sooner or later you must try a fine vintage from Huet.  We loved the Sec, two vintages, 2001 and 2009, and the sparkling was a fine aperitif too.  But this moelleux, it takes the cake.

Price: $47 at Marquis a year or two (or probably more) ago.


Market Liquidity: State of grace.

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