Arboleda Chardonnay, 2010

003Blah.  It comes with several prestigious reviews and high points. So it must be good.  But unfortunately this is everything we’re not looking for in a Chardonnay: Heavy, syrupy, cloying, food un-friendly (food-annoying, food-distracting).  I was stunned to see it described as elegant with a subtle minerality in our local reviewer’s column.  No.  Not true.  Ridge, they make a couple of chardonnays that are elegant with a subtle minerality; see one here.  So does Fevre.  And a heap of others.  But, having just come back from Chile where we sipped elegant wines glass after glass, this was a downer of the first order.

A few weeks ago when we had some Huet Vouvray, it, too, had a heaviness on the palate, but the nuance, depth and flavour profile stunned us.  In a good way.  This, not so much.  Not at all.

Price: $21.99 at Everything Wine

Market Liquidity: No dice.

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