Rousillon Villages Chapoutier “Bila Haut,” 2011

001Finally, a cheap, er, I mean really inexpensive, hugely drinkable, everyday red.  A no brainer for wine lists.  Why the Food Network doesn’t have a show on wine lists, only chefs, is anyone’s guess.


Not hearty.  Not big.  Overwhelmed by strong flavours.  But omigosh does this please at the price point.  Easy before dinner, easy with.  The label describes many hefty attributes that you might link to the Rhone heavyweights, but this is a gentle red, luscious with berry and cassis and nominal tannins, only a hint of woody spice, almost no finish.  Although a blend it drinks like Grenache.


Price: $15.99 at the BC Liquor stores, and readily available to boot.


Market Liquidity: Pleasure, no pain.


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