Milbrandt Vineyards Traditions Riesling, 2011

010Tart and zesty with a clean finish.  A wallop of citrus, some lovely lingering peach fuzz, a strangely neutral nose (and I really got my nose in there, after a lot of sloshing!).  A “smooth bite” if you’ll allow.  It’s no Pierre Sparr but it’s a great local bottle.


Perfectly perfect sipper, especially in the summer garden under an umbrella with some mild cheese and olives.  We enjoyed it with a simple orzo salad and it was lovely.


Milbrandt was at the Playhouse wine festival up here a few years ago but now their wines are hard to find.  Too bad for us.  Even at Canadian prices this would be a good standby.


Price: In the US, around $14.


Market Liquidity: A delicate balance.

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