Claro Sauvignon Blanc, 2012

ClaroA disaster.  We drank two bottles not because we liked it but because I couldn’t believe the first bottle, with a screw top, could be as banal as it was.  If innocuous liquid with a slight sweet aftertaste and no finish let alone character is your wont, then this should be your go to bottle.  Glass half full: blind taste it with friends.  No one will guess you are drinking SB.  Makes for a fun evening!


Given our spring trip to Chile, and knowing the depth of their wines first hand, this is a colossal failure.  In the traditional-numerical wine system practiced by the “pros” it might rate 85, if rated, which would be 80 points for having the fortitude to plant grapes and the skill to bottle something that doesn’t kill the drinker.  Then five points for participation.


Price: A no-surprise $13.99 at Everything Wine.


Market Liquidity: Good in risotto.

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