Joseph Drouhin Saint-Veran, 2009

207Light, crisp, gun-metal flinty “lesser” Burgundy.  Wonderful patio aperitif on a hot summer’s night.  Not as deep and mysterious as more expensive wines in the region but shamelessly better than many new world no-oak chards.  Has none of the heft of its Pouilly-Fuissé and Fumé cousins but at half the price has lots of charm.  I noted lovely lavender floral notes, others liked the stone fruits, apricot and peach.  Just shy of a long and lingering finish, but medium alcohol and a screw-top ante up the score.  (A screw top in Burgundy?  Shurely shome mishtake?)  Not that we keep score on this blog…


Price: Gifted.  But Saint Veran sells in BC in the low to mid-20s.


Market Liquidity: Perfect under a pergola on a hot day.

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